Breast Cancer Month

Well, it’s Pink Ribbon month, again. Notice I say month and not week? Here in Manilla, we celebrate it with gusto, the whole month of October, every business decorating its premises, all the assistants, including men, wearing pink. Today, we had our annual Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea held at Harry and Robyn Fletcher’s ‘Tandarrra’. Guests arrived with one intention, to spend as much as they could to raise money for cancer research, while having a rocking good time to the music of country artists such as our own John Brand and Max Ellis.

Of course, this is a time that I reflect on my own lucky escape, and the wonderful gift that came with it – precious time to write. From the fabulous surgeon specialist who saved my life, to the kindly, anonymous person who sewed a soft, first prosthesis, and a dear little purple cushion for my arm (which I still have), I was overwhelmed by love and kindness – truly a positive in a devastating situation.

Through it all, all the fellow sufferers I met in clinics, hospital and surgeries, I found it amazing that, though from different walks of life, age groups etc., we all had one thing in common. Yes, you say, breast cancer. But, no, it was our attitude we all had in common. It did not matter how we approached the reality of our diagnosis – stoic, panic-stricken, silent, go-it-alone misery, or sharing and seeking support, we all said the same thing. Do you know what it was? Of course, you do! Don’t you?

I did not think it would happen to me!