Guardian Angel – A Dream Fulfilled.

Guardian Angel by Anne Rouen

A big HELLO to all my lovely readers! Finally, an announcement I have been dying to make!

I am proud and excited to be able to tell you that Guardian Angel, the fourth book of my Master of Illusion series is ready to be launched on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to all the hard work of my wonderful editor and web designer it is already available for pre-order with the major on-line book sellers. You can find it here.

I regard this book as the fulfillment of a dream; a dream that began in 2013 with the publishing of my debut novel, Master of Illusion Bk I. The dream continued with the achievement of Global ebook awards for books I and III and is now fulfilled in the publishing of Book IV. Guardian Angel was intended to be the final book in the series. But – you never know … my characters do have a way of organising things for themselves! It can be read as a stand-alone book but still fulfills my dream of publishing a series.

Guardian Angel tells the story of Nicolas de Beaulieu, the son of Angelique, my heroine in Angel of Song; a sunny-tempered, beautiful child. Though born to wealth and privilege, he grows up facing the kind of challenges that would sideline most of us. As he matures and finds love, the biggest challenge of all raises its monstrous head.

The novel is about how (with a little extra spiritual help), he finds the inner strength to face and overcome his fears and foes.

I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it and I would love you to tell me what you think.

Once again, I must thank my editor for all her dedication and fantastic work in editing, designing and publishing Guardian Angel. Thank you. I couldn’t do it without you. And I must also thank my dear friend to whom I have dedicated this book for her encouragement and support over the years. And, of course, to you, my dear readers, who make it all so worthwhile with your wonderful feedback, I thank you for your positive comments and awesome reviews.

Nothing Like a New Release – Update on Self-Publishing


Master of Illusion Book II. New release from the Historical Fiction Series by Anne Rouen

It has been a lot of work: editing, checking facts, little rewrites here and there, attending to all the publishing details like ISBN and CiP, agonising over a choice of cover from the number of really beautiful designs presented to me. But the excitement of the launch beats everything!

After the great reception and the wonderful reviews Master of Illusion Book I received, I just couldn’t wait to do it again. And my latest review from a judge of the Writers’ Digest Awards has re-fired all my enthusiasm.

Your first book is like your baby. You cannot bear to part with a word of it. Only the strongest representation will induce a rewrite. This is more due to the belief that this story has been given to you; come from outside yourself; rather than overweening conceit about your own abilities as a writer.

I found I wasn’t so precious about Book II, cutting out chunks on the editor’s advice without turning a hair. I think that with Book III, I will be positively blasé! But I have to say I love it when my editor suggests a little rewrite – one more chance to revisit the magical world of opera/ballet, opulence and charm of nineteenth century Paris.

Life on the land is extremely heartbreaking at the moment, as all my farming friends will agree. But after I have fed my few old sheep, checked the horses, the water and put out the drought blocks for the cattle, I can step through the vine-covered door of my little stone hut and become Anne Rouen, resident author of StoneHut Publishing.

Here, immersed in the lives of my characters, the problems of the present world pale into insignificance beside the vibrance – the dazzling brilliance – of la Belle Époque.

Would I do it all again? Absolutely! The whole experience has been so uplifting that I will most definitely do it again.

Here’s a little secret: Book III is finished, ready for polishing – months of hard work by me and my editor – to make it ready for its new release and start the excitement all over again! I’m hooked!

Master of Illusion Book II continues the story of the Master of Illusion and begins where Book I ends: the after party following the Grand Opening of their new opera house. I take this opportunity to assure my fans waiting on the book that, not only will it answer all your questions, but some you never thought to ask.

Master of Illusion Book II is currently available as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords. And coming soon to the other platforms. Enjoy!