The More Things Change …

Old Postcard – WWI Era

Another year has just sped by, with its fair share of joy, sadness and inspiration, leaving me little time to catch my breath. It hardly seems possible that, a whole twelve months later, I am wondering exactly the same thing about the year that has just gone. Where? And how quickly!

One hundred years ago, my grandfather was preparing to face the worst year of his life on the Western Front, not believing that he would survive; little knowing that it was to end in an Allied victory.

Now, a century later, with my father approaching his 90th birthday, the world has developed amazingly. Although, some would say, not for the better.

Looking, with misgiving, at the attitudes of our leaders; tensions simmering in odd little corners of the globe, with threats and posturing uncannily similar to those of pre-WWI, I realize there is one constant in our ever-changing world – human nature.

The old adage: The more things change, the more they stay the same, is just as apt now as it ever was.

I might have said that my New Year’s resolution was to have no resolutions, but I do have two. One is to publish Book IV, Guardian Angel, which will complete my Master of Illusion series. And the second is to finish the two novels I have been working on all year. The first will be accomplished very soon. For the second, I am taking inspiration as it comes. (Refer to adage, as above.)

Today, as we stand on the brink of the unknown; a bright, untrammeled new year waiting to be ushered in; I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a safe, happy, exciting and inspirational 2018.

Where Has It Gone?




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I am looking at the date on the calendar in disbelief. Perhaps even denial. 2016 just tore by, vanishing into yesterday before I could even catch up.

Amidst the politics and uncertainty, a few things stood out. For me, it was a year of achievement of personal goals, change and sadness.

Some amazing and wonderful people stepped into the pages of history. Many, sadly, before their time. We mourn them each in our own way. To those we love: we will never forget you.

On the positive side: I managed to finish two novels and begin two more; was thrilled that my Master of Illusion series achieved a second literary award; and embraced an unexpected change in lifestyle.

The last few months have been completely, totally mad. (My main New Year Resolution is not to neglect my blog.)

A BIG thank you to everyone who liked my FB pages Anne Rouen  and Master of Illusion – it was very encouraging.

And now we are a few days into a brand new year – fresh, untrodden:

What will it bring?

To all my readers and followers: I wish you all that you would wish for yourselves.

May 2017 be your year!

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