Prayers For Boston

 Today’s terrible news of the bomb attack on the Boston Marathon has left many of us grieving: for our friends, our fellow human beings, the city of Boston and our world.

My heart goes out to all caught up in this horror:

To the parents and families of the little 8 yr old boy and the two other people whose lives were stolen from them.

To the injured who face a nightmare journey of pain and rehabilitation.

To the athletes who dedicate so much of their lives to their pursuit; whose families came to watch them run the most famous modern marathon in the world.

To all the spectators and fun-lovers who had their day – and their lives – shattered.

To a beautiful, iconic city whose carefree innocence and happy village atmosphere will be forever changed.

To all those who now walk in fear and uncertainty – victims of terrorism.

Perhaps we can appreciate the circumstances that sow the seeds of discontent, but none of us understands the evil that visits destruction and untold suffering on the innocent.

About 400 years ago, John Donne wrote immortal words, quoted many times (a truth but never a cliché) and more than ever applicable today:

‘No man is an island’.

From all of us who wish for a good and fair world, to everyone who has been touched by this senseless, shocking tragedy:

We send you our love, our thoughts and our prayers.

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