Master of Illusion – Silver Medal Winner in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards


Winner of the Silver Medal in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards for Historical Literature Fiction

Winner of the Silver Medal in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards

I guess it is the dream of every author to have the magical words ‘award-winning’ after their name; and I am so thankful to Dan Poynter and his wonderful team of judges for making this dream come true for me with my debut novel Master of Illusion – Book One.

There are so many to thank for believing in my work and encouraging and supporting me in the sometimes lonely and daunting business of self-publishing: my family, friends and all my lovely fans: I cannot thank you enough.

All your wonderful reviews and ratings moved me to tears and sent shivers up my spine; and I vow to do my best to ensure that future works do not fall below standard.

The word ‘standard’ brings to mind another of my precepts: It does not matter whether the publishing is ‘self’ or conventional: it must be correctly and professionally edited and formatted. And here I must thank my fabulous, long-suffering editor for her meticulous attention to detail, tireless hard work and consummate professionalism. We set out on a remarkable adventure that was new to both of us and we leapt off a cliff into the unknown to land on a silver cloud. Thank you, beyond words, for helping me to turn my dream into reality.

So many people have aided me in my transformation from closet writer to award-winning author that I cannot name you all: fellow authors; the wonderful people at the ASA; my townspeople who stop me in the street to tell me how proud of me they are; the ACC and my solicitor friend who checked the copyright; and many more:

Including my dear, late friend, Beth, with whom I discussed my ideas for the book, almost on a daily basis. Sadly, I finished it too late for her to read it; my friend, Diane, who encouraged me to get my manuscripts off the wardrobe floor and do something about them; and my sister who is a slow but beautifully honest first reader. (I promise you: I am white-knuckled until she pronounces her verdict!)

If I haven’t named you: you know who you are; and I thank you from the depths of my being.

When I found a lump in my breast in December 2006, I had no idea that my subsequent, incredible journey would lead me to a silver medal in the Global eBook Awards for Historical Fiction Literature – Modern.

How thankful I am that Positives rule!


Celebrate “Read an Ebook Week” with Anne Rouen and Smashwords

Celebrate Read an Ebook Week with Anne Rouen on Smashwords

Celebrate Read an Ebook Week with Anne Rouen on Smashwords

Our lovely friends at Smashwords are putting on a big celebration in honour of “Read an Ebook Week”.

To join in the fun, I have decided to put both my novels in the Historical Fiction Romance Series Master of Illusion up for sale in their HUGE discount catalogue.

So, from March 2 – 8, 2014, you can buy Master of Illusion — Book One and Master of Illusion — Book Two from Smashwords with a 50% OFF discount coupon.

All you have to do is click on the title of each novel above. This will take you to the Smashwords site. When you go to the checkout, enter the discount code REW50 to obtain your savings! This brings each book down to $2.02 US for one week only.

If you have never tried Smashwords, don’t be shy. It’s very easy to use for purchasing ebooks. It allows you to purchase via PayPal, so that may alleviate any fears with regards to online purchases and security. It also offers the ability to download ebooks in any format you like. So you can read on your Kindle, iPad, IPhone, Tablet, Computer and so on!

Hurry to claim your 50% discount before March 8, 2014!