New Release for Christmas 2023

Secrets of the Rock : the exciting new release novel just in time for Christmas!

Anne Rouen’s brand new Australian Outback romantic suspense novel has been released for pre-sale on most online platforms and goes on sale December 1, 2023. Prices start at around $9.50 AU ($7 US) for the ebook and $25 AU ($20 US).

Grab a copy here: Secrets of the Rock

From Anne Rouen, the twelve-time Global eBook Award medallist comes Secrets of the Rock—the third novel in her collection of Australian Outback romantic suspense dramas set in Queensland in the 1990s.

Secrets of the Rock picks up from award-winning novel Winter at Medora Downs a decade later.

After both her best friends found true love and moved on, Jo realised it was time she made the life-changing decision to resign from her thankless job and lonely life in Sydney and move to the far reaches of Western Queensland.

Following in the footsteps of her friend Sarah at Medora Downs, Jo takes up the job of governess on a neighbouring Outback station, Emerald Hills, and is delighted to discover her charge is a bright, gifted eight-year-old named William.

It’s not only William who steals Jo’s heart: the rugged beauty of the Outback landscape captivates her, and she soon discovers a secret hideaway at Rainbow Rock, perfect to put her love of painting into practice, and William’s genius of geology to the test.

There’s only one problem: Jo and William aren’t the only ones in on the secrets of the rock. It holds many stories for many people—some beautiful, some frightening—and it doesn’t take long before both its splendour and chaos rain down on Emerald Hills.

It is then that Jo finds herself enmeshed in the workings of an underground drug cartel and, at the same time, the magic of a surprise romance, not realising how dangerously entwined both secrets are.

Will the Secrets of the Rock bring true love or cost Jo her life?

Look What’s Coming for Christmas!

Angel of Song

Angel of Song – Book Three in the Master Of Illusion Series.  Already in Amazon’s Hot New Releases for the categories, Historical French Fiction and Historical Fiction 20th Century.

Over the last year, I have been working very hard (along with my editor and designer) to get Book Three in the Master of Illusion series released.

The fantastic news is that it is already available for presale, and will finally be released via eBook and paperback this Friday,18th December 2015! Just in time for Christmas!

Angel of Song is a historical romance set in France amidst the chaos of the Great War. In the hell of the trenches, the Allied soldiers sacrifice their lives to hold their posts against insurmountable odds. Looking for inspiration, the French believe they’ve found a secret weapon from an unlikely source: the Angel of Song.

Angel of Song is fiction woven into a factual setting. It tells the story of a beautiful young opera singer catapulted from the idyllic lifestyle of Paris in the Belle Époque into the horrors of World War I and how she uses her talents to fight the war in her own way. Incredibly, she finds that her enemies are not all on the other side.

Angel of Song is available from the following online eBook outlets for only $4.99 US: Amazon kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Apple Itunes store & Kobo to name a few. Paperback copies may be ordered directly from the US Amazon & Create Space stores from Dec 18th onward, and will be available for order via Ingram in most good bookstores by mid-January 2016 for $24.99 US.

For more details, click here for the Angel of Song web page!

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you all!

Anne Rouen